Jimmie Johnson is a husband, journalist, leader, speaker, and host of the Jimmie Johnson Leadership Podcast.

For the last decade, Jimmie has had the incredible privilege to sit down and interview some of the most influential politicians, celebrities, CEOs, and pastors from around the world and tell their stories.

His ability to win friends and influence people propelled him to serve as Operations Director at one of America’s fastest-growing multi-site churches. In full-time ministry, Jimmie became incredibly passionate about inspiring, uplifting, and motivating leaders to fulfill their God-given purpose.

He’s now married his journalism and ministry backgrounds to help pastors and corporate execs create strategies to attract, employ, and develop Millennials and Gen-Z employees to confidently step into leadership positions.

Jimmie lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his beautiful wife, Pascale Johnson.

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The Jimmie Johnson Leadership Podcast exists to help Millennials and Gen-Z grow in their leadership competence so they can lead with confidence. In each episode, journalist Jimmie Johnson interviews influential faith and business leaders who share their stories and provide practical advice on life and leadership.


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